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Research And Development

Research is the gathering of information, a company’s endeavour to gather knowledge in the marketplace. The results of this research help effectively predict future market demands and lets companies pursue discoveries that will either lead to the development of new, or the enhancement of existing products or procedures. R&D is one of the means by which GPI ensures future growth by developing new goods or processes to improve and expand its operations.

Success Recipe
At GPI, we create successful food items based on:
• Implementation of consumer driven ideas
• Creating unique and appetising recipes
• Quality and practical packaging with
• An ear to the ground approach and following strict quality standards.



Types of New Products
We can formulate different new products. Some are new to the market, some are new to the organization, and some are new to both. Some are minor modification of the existing products while others are completely ground-breaking. At GPI, “We Know Food” and understand the importance of developing and improving successful food products. We combine our flair for culinary excellence and manufacturing know-how to supply the market with products, high in quality and superior in taste. We are up-to-date on current food trends, because we set them.